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hi … my blogger friends
I have a shirt design

who is interested can contact me with the same design
085249420070 or comment on this

we offer not only clothes but also designs clothes


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I will introduce about batik fabrics Typical kalimantan His name is Cain “SASIRANGAN”
This is a traditional batik Sasirangan in Banjarmasin

Woven fabrics Sasirangan is obtained from the coloring process using a material obstacle hurdles such as ropes, yarns or the like according to certain motifs. Basically hurdles staining technique resulted in certain places will be blocked or not pierced by the penetration of the dye solution.

The process is often sought in the form of home industry, because it does not need special equipment, simply by hand just to get a motive or a particular style, through hand stitching and bonding techniques.

Raw materials Sasirangan fabrics are widely used today is a fabric material derived from cotton fiber (cotton). In addition, the manufacture of cloth was dyed tie dye process in line with other hurdles such as batik and traditional textiles

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” Pepe Prevent Mourinho to Chelsea “

MADRID – The news will Pepe departure of Jose Mourinho to Chelsea to make angry. The Special One urged the club to immediately secure Pepe.

Mourinho is not ready if it should lose the flagship player. Mou insisted that he still needs Pepe in the current squad.

Pepe’s move to Chelsea Plan erupted after he failed to agree a contract extension with Los Blancos. Known, Pepe contract will expire at the Santiago Bernabeu next year.

“Teams get better when Pepe play. Pepe was not afraid to leave his position at the rear. Pepe can get the ball with the speed he has and the attacks will become more dangerous if he plays, “said Mou, as reported by Tribalfootball, Thursday (03/02/2011).

“Pepe is a great player who still has one year remaining contract. So for me, this problem is not a concern for now. If Pepe did not reach a contract extension agreement, it is the problem and the club. That’s not my problem, “the former Chelsea coach this close. (okezone.com)

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” Antique Gun “


This gun is an antique heritage of a family that was in the area Yogyakarta

This gun is the weapon allegedly held by a general of the VOC

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” Unique Padlock “

This old lock is one of the antiques that measuring 9 x 6.5 cm
This padlock was on the search when the population of the VOC in Indonesia around the year 1920 – 1930

at the time this lock is a padlock that can lock a room with great force. padlock is often used for a prison


padlock is still functioning well

if interested can contact (0274) – 371 124 and 081 2272 6795 0


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Laundry is a business engaged in laundering. Both washing clothes, carpets etc. Usually these efforts are included in the category of home industry (home business). are now very big business opportunities and emerging in cities – big cities like Jogjakarta. Here are are the reasons why the business establishment Laundry

1. There is a tendency practical lifestyle

2. In addition because of lifestyle changes as well as workload demands
takes time and effort, employees, students and even housewives, who feel they have no time to wash clothes

3. Extreme weather conditions today, more often rain caused clothes become dirty quickly


RISK (PROBLEMS) BUSINESS Loundry and how to handle
1. Power Off
It often happens is the electrical padamnya when the work is done, so that the work be delayed especially if padamnyanya long. To overcome this problem for those who have much capital should buy a power generator (backup power), if we limited capital should notify customers in advance if cucianya can not be completed just in time to get a consumer understanding

2. Bad weather
Natural disturbance this one will make drying clothes, but this problem can be overcome by using a clothes dryer (dryer) after the clothes in the iron and the iron when it’s on before the love of perfume and then iron again

3. The risk of a faded cloth
This interference can be avoided with a simple cloth memisahkankan faded and no, that is by asking to consumers. Only then do washing but if this happens then we perform compensation for the damage consumer goods

4. The machine suddenly broken
Technical disruption like this can be overcome by improving the engine was damaged when possible, if not possible we can wash in relation londry another place for a while until the machine can enable the return

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no secret that both clubs are the best team in the league spain
even the world’s two best players on both teams

call it cristiano ronaldo real madrid winger is famous for its agility and dribbling a lethal free kick. that while it became top scorer in the Spanish league.

while rivals Barcelona have the best player 2009 – 2010 players are very agile and aggressive “Leonel Messi”

REAL MADRID BARCELONA behind 7 points from the pitch after suffering defeat by Osasuna.

But no one can ensure the champion of the League Spain. REAL MADRID or BARCELONA. before the game entered the final stage, both teams continue to strive to be a champion