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“The Figure Ibrahimovic in Milan”

not familiar to that role at Milan Ibrahimovic is very important,
proved to be group winners in series A. antecedent action spectacular show by Ibrahimovic is the key for the victory Milan, as well as positive energy given to the teammate that makes milan always fascinating look at the game. Swedish-born man was a familiar call “Ibra” has a height 197 cm and has a very good body balance. he makes a solid attacker and dangerous for his opponent,
with the help of his colleague “pato, Robinho, Inzaghi” make every attack that is given Milan a couple dangerous.


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“Concert Justin Bieber in Indonesia”



The news of the arrival of a sensational singer Justin Bieber is still a huge question mark. Because until today from the organizers reportedly not yet exist.

But there are few bright spots about the certainty of implementation of Justin Bieber’s concert at the Sentul International Convention Centre (SICC) on 23 April.

we explored it by contacting the venue of the concert on Friday (04/02/2011).

Anna SICC administration as revealed in the upcoming April 23 already there who book the venue for concerts.

“Yes, April 23 Justin Bieber tomorrow who will use this place,” he explained.

We also ask for more information about certainty. “Until now there has been no cancellation of hell Marygops. If as I know, they’ve membookingnya to April 23, “said Anna.

She also explains the rental place may be long. “If the kapannya hell yes I do not know, because usually when booking the space should be of far-away days, baseball may be sudden. Is a minimum of five months, “he explained. (okezone.com)

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” Performance Better YZR-M1 “



Jorge Lorenzo underwent the last day of the first MotoGP tests 2011 in Sepang Circuit. Racing Yamaha rider claimed satisfied with the performance of the YZRM1.

Lorenzo was not too long on the track, yesterday. Despite the track conditions really do not support, but the defending champion of this MotoGP appear quite quickly during the test session in Malaysia.

Star Racing Yamaha managed to finish in third place on the last day MotoGP test. Spanish-born racer is only 0.088 seconds behind the fastest rider Marco Simoncelli.

I am very glad to take the test for three days, it became one of the best test during the winter. Usually, we have a problem to adapt, “explained Lorenzo Motorsport reported on Friday (04/02/2011).

Lorenzo assess the performance of motor is increased considerably, but there are some things that should be corrected. He hoped the appearance of the motor to a maximum on the next test.

yesterday afternoon, when the track is very hot, I managed to record the time pretty quickly in some rounds. This makes me believe more and better motor performance, said the Spaniard. (okezone.com)

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Performance Better YZR-M1

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” A second example of Clothes “

hi all my blogger friend

This design clothes that will be my second show


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” Find sequence number with C + + “

how to find the number of odd and even numbers, and the total of the odd and even numbers?

before that we must classify odd and even numbers

– Even
number of even number
number of even number

– Odd
The number of odd numbers
the number of odd numbers



#include <iostream.h>
#include <conio.h>
#include <iomanip.h>

void main(){
int n,a,b,x,y,i ;
cout << “Input N : ” ; cin >> n ;
a=0 ; b=0 ; x=0 ; y=0 ;

for (i=1 ; i <= n ; i++){
if (i%2==0) {
a = a+i ; x = x+1 ;
else {
b = b+i ; y = y+1 ;


cout << “\n Number of even number:  ” << x;
cout << “\n Number of odd numbers : ” << y;
cout << “\n Number of even numbers : ” << a ;
cout << “\n Number of odd numbers : ” << b ;
getch () ;


Good Luck Friend

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