I will introduce about batik fabrics Typical kalimantan His name is Cain “SASIRANGAN”
This is a traditional batik Sasirangan in Banjarmasin

Woven fabrics Sasirangan is obtained from the coloring process using a material obstacle hurdles such as ropes, yarns or the like according to certain motifs. Basically hurdles staining technique resulted in certain places will be blocked or not pierced by the penetration of the dye solution.

The process is often sought in the form of home industry, because it does not need special equipment, simply by hand just to get a motive or a particular style, through hand stitching and bonding techniques.

Raw materials Sasirangan fabrics are widely used today is a fabric material derived from cotton fiber (cotton). In addition, the manufacture of cloth was dyed tie dye process in line with other hurdles such as batik and traditional textiles

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