Laundry is a business engaged in laundering. Both washing clothes, carpets etc. Usually these efforts are included in the category of home industry (home business). are now very big business opportunities and emerging in cities – big cities like Jogjakarta. Here are are the reasons why the business establishment Laundry

1. There is a tendency practical lifestyle

2. In addition because of lifestyle changes as well as workload demands
takes time and effort, employees, students and even housewives, who feel they have no time to wash clothes

3. Extreme weather conditions today, more often rain caused clothes become dirty quickly


RISK (PROBLEMS) BUSINESS Loundry and how to handle
1. Power Off
It often happens is the electrical padamnya when the work is done, so that the work be delayed especially if padamnyanya long. To overcome this problem for those who have much capital should buy a power generator (backup power), if we limited capital should notify customers in advance if cucianya can not be completed just in time to get a consumer understanding

2. Bad weather
Natural disturbance this one will make drying clothes, but this problem can be overcome by using a clothes dryer (dryer) after the clothes in the iron and the iron when it’s on before the love of perfume and then iron again

3. The risk of a faded cloth
This interference can be avoided with a simple cloth memisahkankan faded and no, that is by asking to consumers. Only then do washing but if this happens then we perform compensation for the damage consumer goods

4. The machine suddenly broken
Technical disruption like this can be overcome by improving the engine was damaged when possible, if not possible we can wash in relation londry another place for a while until the machine can enable the return

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